Australia's biggest collection of shearing hand pieces and hand shears collected by Desmond de Belle over some 70 years!!!

VENUE: "Cave Creek" 491 Jimenbuen Road, Dalgety NSW 2628
ACCOUNT: Desmond De Belle
INSPECT: 8am on the day or as otherwise pre-arranged
REGISTER: 8am on the day or via pre-registration
AUCTION: Commencing at 10am | Saturday 24th March 2018
CATERING: Louie Mould Fundraising plus Curbside Cafe Express
TERMS: Bidding card system | ID required
PAYMENT & PICK UP: On the day unless otherwise pre-arranged
PAYMENT METHODS: EFTPOS, Cash & Bank Cheque or (pre-approved) personal cheque

Please find the Catalogue link below along with the Image Gallery above for items up for auction at the "Cave Creek" Clearing Sale on the 24th March 2018.

Additional Information